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Smart Tips and Approaches to Dating After Divorce (or other traumatic life event)

Does it feel like you’ve been looking for love in all the wrong places?  Or perhaps you are feeling frustrated in dating and you have been dating for a long time and it just hasn’t “happened” for you.  Or perhaps you have experienced a traumatic event in your life and you are unsure if you are ready to date again.

This month’s guest has the expertise and the sassiness to guide anyone through dating, getting past an ex and preparing oneself to date again.  

During this jam-packed interview you will learn:

What is blocking most women from attracting love

What divorced women need to know  about love and dating

Self love

Releasing the past

Getting back “out there”

Practical steps to dating again and meeting high quality men

What are you waiting for?!?!? Click the play button.  Your next date is waiting for you.

Coffeebreak With Sabra!

Sarika Jain


Sarika Jain shows smart, professional women how to attract the relationship and life of their dreams, by getting connected to their hearts, releasing inner blocks, and dating in a joyful, conscious way. She is the creator of “Attract Your Soulmate!” system, in which she guides women in closing their ‘Ex Files’ to make room for Mr. Right. Sarika is on a mission to show women around the world that they can have it all – love, family, career, and total fulfillment. Known as a word wizard who helps people create Rockstar dating profiles, and a ‘remover of obstacles’ in the way of love, Sarika’s clients describe her as “a Love Alchemist” who can whip up a soulmate in as short as a week!


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