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Bereavement Coaching for Divorcées

If you or someone you know is going through a divorce or a breakup, you may be experiencing feelings of sadness, anger, loneliness, feelings of loss, failure or having other similar feelings.  These are all normal.  And, they are also the same emotions that people feel when they suffer a loss.


It can be hard to understand those emotions and get control over them so that you can process what is happening and still get through each day, focus on work or be present with your children when they are in your care.  


What can you do, or how can you get a handle on those feelings and move on and move forward in a positive way?


Some people may benefit from seeing a therapist, psychologist, counselor, or simply talking with family, friends and colleagues who have experienced a similar breakup.  Another option is to work with a coach who can help you to visualize and see the “other side” beyond what you may be feeling right now and begin to take steps toward that new vision.


Our guest this month, Nesreen Mahmoud, is a life coach and she speaks with us this month on the topic of Bereavement Coaching for Divorcees.


During this interview you will learn:


*   Divorce is both an ending and a beginning

*   The value of coaching during or after a divorce

*   Learning to accept the past and create your new future

*   Tools for self-care and self-compassion

Coffeebreak With Sabra!

Nesreen Mahmoud



Nesreen is a Life and Bereavement coach and the CEO of Harbor Light Coaching.  Her speciality is working with people around any kind of loss, whether that’s the loss of a loved one or pet, divorce, business dissolution, career transitions or job loss.  She coaches clients through the grieving process so that they can begin to proactively find peace and make the changes needed so their lives are aligned with who they are and what they want now.  Nesreen works virtually with clients in New York, San Francisco and around the world.
Telephone: 917-830-6863


Nesreen is offering a free gift to Coffee Break with Sabra listeners!!  

Visit to download the tracking sheet that Nesreen shares with her paying clients and she has agreed to share it with us for FREE!!  This is the tracking sheet that will guide you on your way to stepping into the next chapter of your life post-divorce.


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