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Energy Management vs Time Management: Manage Your Energy to Enhance Your Time Management, Productivity and Your Relationships

The burning question in everyone’s mind these days seems to be “How can I better manage my time?” There is too much to do, too much information, work overload, and you feel exhausted all the time. Despite how much we might like our jobs, want to spend time with loved ones and family, truly want to lose weight or exercise more, we are so often “out of time” and “out of energy”.  We will explore how by setting a new standard for managing your energy – physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually – you will, as a result, find that you are more productive, more satisfied, have more focus and clarity, better able to manage your time, create more consistency in your work and life, and improve your relationships. You will learn where you are regularly depleting your energy and how to effectively and consistently renew and reenergize.

During this interview you will learn:
-To manage your time
-To manage your energy – physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually
-About the 5 aspects of energy crisis
-How to become more productive and have more focus and clarity
-To improve your relationships


Coffeebreak With Sabra! 

Diane MacDonald ABOUT DIANE MACDONALD.Diane is personal and professional development trainer, educator and coach. She works one on one with clients, leads workshops and trainings throughout New England. She also teaches online webinar courses that support women to achieve their full potential and in March of 2016 she is launching women in Service with a 14 day trip to Uganda in partnership with the not for profit Lend a Hand.   Combining a diverse range of studies and expertise, and utilizing a myriad of technologies, Diane delivers a one-of-kind toolbox to her clients and students.  Diane’s goal for every session, every workshop and every conversation is for her clients and students to achieve, and realize, results that create the changes they desire in their work and in their lives.Website:


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